I hurt Satan’s feelings

This is weird you guys.

So as I was writing my last post my lower back started to hurt quite intensely and I thought, “Wow, I have been sitting in this chair too long.”

By the following day my entire body hurt intensely and I began to experience uncontrollable convulsive shivers every time a cool breeze touched my skin. I’ve pretty much had to live in a hot bath ever since and now I am starting to feel better. But in the depths of my considerable delirium the thought came to me that Satan really doesn’t like it when you make fun of him. Here is how I think it went.

And the woman did write words of disdain and mockery and was proud and did giggle. And the Dark One was displeased and spake unto her saying, “Woman! I did work exceeding hard on that Zeppelin bit and thy words are mean and uncalled for. Thou shalt be taken to a place of great suffering and be made to suffer… um, greatly!”

And the woman did make her eyes big and caused her lower lip to protrude and tremble and she spake unto the Dark One saying, “Aaaaaawwwwwww! But I don’t like to suffer greatly!”

And Satan did glower and swish his tail impatiently and say, “Thy pouty face will avail thee not! Into the evil toolshed with you this minute young lady!”

And that is totally why I have felt all shitty ever since writing that post. Sorry Satan.

No really I mean it! Don't look like that! Who's a big, bad evil Satan? YOU is!

No really I mean it! Don’t look like that! Who’s a big, bad evil Satan? YOU is!

As if the Illuminati are Satanic. Goldman Sachs bought out Hell decades ago and everyone knows it.


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