Men are not a special interest group part 3

So the main point I see being made by feminists in response to this series so far is that the issue of male victimization and abuse is, as with female abuse and victimization, a product of the patriarchy.

I don’t know about you but when I hear the word patriarchy I picture a bunch of tuxedoed, cigar smoking good old boys with impeccable silver hair slapping each other on the back and har har harring all the way to the bank. Who seriously disagrees with me that those guys need a takedown?

This post seems more venomous than the others. I think that means I am goddamn sick of this subject.

• I need men’s rights because if I am assaulted by my spouse, and I attempt to seek help, I risk arrest, imprisonment and life-long censure – even if I do not defend myself, even I am seriously injured while she is untouched;

Sadly this is often the case and I’ve seen it many times. On this one I have nothing to say except that fucking sucks and lets get together to build a society that doesn’t think men don’t hurt and women can’t be violent.

• I need men’s rights because I earned my accomplishments; they were not given to me by a fictitious masculine conspiracy;

Acknowledged. However that masculine conspiracy (which exists) has given you far more ample opportunity and encouragement to develop your accomplishments. Feminism does not wish to take this from you, but to see those opportunities grow until it is no longer surprising when a woman holds political office, excels at a sport or owns a business not pertaining to home or beauty products.

• I need men’s rights because I have a right to be a father for my own children;

Parenthood is not in fact a right. It is a privilege earned by being able to set aside self interest for the sake of the kid. If you aren’t capable of that then no, you don’t get to be a dad. I don’t intend this to malign the many loving, awesome dads who have been fucked over by bitchy spouses. But let’s be clear. People who don’t treat their children or their coparent well lose them. There are no rights involved in having stuck your dick in a woman and produced offspring. Biology does not confer rights. Just ask any woman who has lost her children.

• I need men’s rights because, as a man, I am much more likely to be physically assaulted than a woman;

I’d like to check the numbers on that one. But let’s say it’s true. You also have the right to defend yourself and were probably encouraged to learn how to do so during your childhood. And your sister was probably encouraged to value her physical attractiveness to the detriment of her physical capableness. 

• I need men’s rights because I will be chastised as a coward, and a failed man if I do not sacrifice my life to save a woman in a time of crisis;

You are all of those things and then some if you stand by and watch someone die because you won’t risk your own fucking precious skin. And you are even worse for complaining about it here. Grow some humanity, you pathetic bag of shit.  We are all here to help each other. 

• I need men’s rights because laws exist that demand harsher penalties for men for the same crime;

You’ve got me there.

• I need men’s rights because I have no lobbying voice in congress;

Why do you need a lobbying voice in congress when congress is 80% male?

• I need men’s rights because, as a man, I am more than 9 times more likely to be killed at work than a woman;

So work someplace safe and quit fucking whining.

• I need men’s rights because I am more likely to die young, and much less money is being spent on my health problems;

Having a slightly shorter natural life span than a woman is not the same as dying young. Take that shit up with God.

• I need men’s rights because, if I am killed in an accident, people will care less than if a woman or a child is killed. News readers make this clear every time they utter the phrase “women and children”;

Like your loved ones? Would your mom care less if you died than if your sister did? Would your wife care less if you died than if her best female friend did? She might care more if her kid died than if you did because you know what? A child’s life DOES matter more than yours, you disgusting, pathetic, self centred dipshit.  And you do not get the right to change that.

• I need men’s rights because society believes that my life is worth less than a woman’s;

Society also consistently rewards your contributions more than a woman’s. And considering that we are able to, you know, have babies and stuff we are in fact somewhat more biologically valuable. Once a woman has reached menopause, society by and large ceases to give one sweet fuck what happens to her. As a matter of fact, once she is past the prime of attractiveness her perceived value nosedives rather dramatically. And this is why you see aging male news anchors being paired with a rotation of women under 40. He keeps his career, hers is over as soon as the camera picks out a wrinkle.

• I need the men’s rights movement, because I am a human being.

No, you need human rights, and no one is going to try to take that away from you.

And finally, I need the men’s rights movement, because when I attempt to address any of these issues, my co-workers, my government, my media, my peers, my family, and the larger society I am a part of rises in unanimous voice to condemn me as a monster – simply for claiming my humanity.

So, like, men too? You mean there are also men who are capable of seeing that your level of privilege in our society is overinflated and while you deserve the same respect and protection from abuse as anyone, also recognizes that most of the above is a lot of bullshit? Amazing!


3 Responses to “Men are not a special interest group part 3”

  1. Samantha Says:

    I really think whatever neckbeard came up with this purposefully stopped himself from thinking about any of these points for more than one moment, because in the next moment I could tear down all of them.
    Yes, men are more likely to physically assaulted and murdered. But guess who’s killing them 90 percent of the time? *Other men*. 6 percent of sexual assault victims are male, and they should be recognized, but 98 percent (98!) of attackers in all cases are other men. That’s like hand sanitizer significant! And I’m pretty sure these statistics have more to do with violent masculinity than feminism.
    I can’t think of a possible level on which it would be true that women’s lives are considered to have higher value than men’s (unless it’s biologically, because men are generally more susceptible to disease and disability especially in the womb, sorry bros). The outrageously high rates of female infanticide I think is proof enough that most of the world considers males to be much more valuable.
    It would literally take a miracle for me to develop sympathy for MRAs. Like creationists, I have only pity for them.

  2. Chainsaw Says:

    Wow….. so many things to spit on. I love your replies. The workplace mortality, that can be fixed.
    Pay Attention, insist on learning safety for your job. Quit mixing alcohol with valium before you go to, or at work, and quit trying to shame the male crews who accept women in hard labour jobs.
    If we had employment equality in dangerous professions, the risks would be far better spread. All rights are human rights. This one is directly related to the systematic blocking of women in our workplaces. Quit whining ’cause you won’t let the girls into these jobs, or act sanely when you have them. (at least 80% of the other workers I encountered in construction would have been fired immediately from any office or respectable workplace, either for substance or behaviour or both). That’s why you die more, the stupid ones are killing themselves off in dangerous jobs!

  3. A woman named “chainsaw” , I would just say we should meet. M I wanted to add one here you missed.
    -I need mens rights because when I go to strip clubs people like me- 6:4 260 pounds and long hair and beard are discriminated against
    for consideration of being dancers. I feel quite sure, surrounded by beautiful naked women I could dance my ass off.
    and btw Chainsaw , with us men, its testosterone that kills us off early. Not dangerous jobs…of course now that I think thru that , testosterone helps us do our jobs – as it pertains to female Goddesses , so in a sense being a good lover I suppose is a dangerous job chemical / genital wise. Now that would be an area where a men’s support group, some handholding and baked goods would be a good idea.

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