About Idnami

Just another member of the internet with an axe to grind about bad politics, stupid people, the Illuminati, feminism and stuff.

I’m an extremely opinionated person and, I like to think, an entertaining one. I like food, art, music, spirituality and I’ve been developing a taste for undereducated armchair political critique. Everything in here is only an opinion. Except the recipes, which have been empirically proven awesome though rigorous testing (pigging out) and can be taken as fact. Oh. And the parts where I say that Stephen Harper needs to be deposed and the ones where I say that we need to learn to get our heads out of our asses and quit wrecking the planet and also the one about not being racist against First Nations people. If you don’t agree with all of that you pretty much may as well not be here.

I’m a writer, singer, stage performer, artist, Canadian and kind of a bitch. Also a clown!



3 Responses to “About Idnami”

  1. […] it’s too long, boring, stupid, insipid, offensive, conceited or you just don’t like my face. This will make me much happier than a like. Or tell me it’s awesome and pass it on so I can […]

  2. Hi I’m a HuffPost editor and I’m interested in talking to you about your blog post that went viral. You can email me at: seamus (dot) mckiernan (at) huffingtonpost (dot) com

  3. It’s Badger here. I’m off of FB. Wanted to buy you a pint soonish. Gimme a poke when you’ve the time and inclination…

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